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Gundam Keyboard 136 Keycaps For Mechanical Keyboard Cherry DYE-Sublimation



1. This hyperlink is simply keycap, not together with change or keyboard!
2. The usual structure means ANSI 104 108 keys structure.
Contains 1.75U 2U Shift,6.25U 7U 3U Spacebar
3. We are going to replace extra merchandise and supply extra new types

  • Materials: PBT
  • Profile: Cherry Profile
  • Variety of keys: 136 Keys
  • H83e25826aff14fd583aaac76ba19eaadj - Anime Keyboard
    H91a2027071ea46d98e4f4724c46f3254G - Anime Keyboard
    H03609e99161d45bea37be5aeb509f68fl - Anime Keyboard
    H0ca3308ca39a42afa9d9a63bd144baa8f - Anime Keyboard
    Hfa31427dfe714e5f809e3c7edf9e74f6G - Anime Keyboard
    Hacc4d590ba174c49ac61b806b252969dG - Anime Keyboard
    H544b675eefc0494e8d600ce2c15d658cb - Anime Keyboard
    - Anime Keyboard
    H505a8d07c5c54e3e8c3f0d726f1cce26P - Anime Keyboard
    Hd18ebf6c050d442cba3dbd31867f6f00A - Anime Keyboard


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