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Gundam Keyboard PBT Keycaps Cherry Highly 104 108 Keys Dye-Subbed Mechanical Keyboard



Sorts: Cartoon Gundam Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

Materials: PBT plastic

5-sided Dye-subbed sublimation

Gundam Robotic Gaoda Personalized Gamer Participant
Cherry Profile,Cherry top,Common Keyboard

The spacebar is 6.25U, please make it possible for your authentic spacebar is 6.25U

Appropriate with 61, 64, 68, 84, 87, 96, 980, 104, 108, and many others. structure mechanical keyboard with MX switches

Appropriate with most Cherry Gateron Kailh Field outemu and all different MX switches mechanical keyboard.


This hyperlink is just the keycaps, no keyboard included.

H04920dac22b748858c42e2bf5d90d604n - Anime Keyboard

Ha6abdaaaa9f8463681336e6497ac6e99i - Anime Keyboard

Hc816603e3c144e0baa6eb92b3d751739I - Anime Keyboard

H7a8598cb8730490ca0cd8f4589fbbde6J - Anime Keyboard

Hca55dc0bfc374a0ab555f05ffd154259m - Anime Keyboard

H24ad69def3594de287bd9925c75cd8b1c - Anime Keyboard

H22b8cdda466449939d51d77774c15e1c0 - Anime Keyboard

Hd85a268d0941486c80475d161673a97bm - Anime Keyboard

H2feec2ee6bdb447c8bee5a3656ae03de7 - Anime Keyboard


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