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Pokemon108 Keycap Translucent Keycap For Mechanical Keyboard Razer Logitech



Please notice:
1. this product is keycaps solely, it’s not a keyboard!!!!!
2. please present me the mannequin of your keyboard in your order, then I can ship the correct keycaps to you.

3. the usual structure means ANSI 104 108 keys structure. The spacebar is 6.25X

About this product:
1. High stage recreation coating, designed for avid participant
2. Black gap coating has a contact like lady’s pores and skin, smooth and elastic, overlaying the entire physique of key cap

H9c4bf45482ff42c9b0d18ff0a5bb7d827 - Anime Keyboard
Ha62a91a44cdf42a798d32b374938c9f9B - Anime Keyboard
Hbd6f981e2dfc45e19469b7cde6297bedO - Anime Keyboard
H290da1022b5e4bcf91404a360908b170v - Anime Keyboard
Hc2a528ccfb7742a9a27f8bec5973c1534 - Anime Keyboard
H8c61d0f357df4784ad47a1e34cd4b134e - Anime Keyboard
Hc249677579344bfea1608d00494c28c3k - Anime Keyboard
Haa4ef064e17342d581bc9508622fa1029 - Anime Keyboard
H6a0440639aee41519eb800282f90f4935 - Anime Keyboard
He61f00d75c0b4269bd18760ee0b16482z - Anime Keyboard
H5315189deafe4f11be23f3ae8b79b4384 - Anime Keyboard
Ha9af6452ae82488fb7362ab2babed02fa - Anime Keyboard
H8465effd562f44339f1ae8c79269231f4 - Anime Keyboard


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