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One Piece Mechanical Keyboard PBT Keycaps Cherry Profile Dye-Subbed Keycap



Sorts: Cartoon PBT Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

Materials: PBT plastic

5-sided dye sublimation

Amount:108 Keys

Unique Design Keycaps.

One Piece Luffy Personalized Gamer Participant
Cherry Profile,Cherry peak

Can be utilized for 87-key, 104-key and 108-key keyboards

Suitable with most Cherry Gateron Kailh Field outemu and all different MX switches mechanical keyboard.

This hyperlink is just the keycaps,no keyboard included.

S090f156070bb471b9b6624e442cbea49B - Anime Keyboard

S994cee0fa4c549698ab13fbe1e0721ef3 - Anime Keyboard

Sb2ce07d5460d45e9aeb0e03632dde04cr - Anime Keyboard

Sf6a5e30450cd45b9b19ca68b3bd8f301T - Anime Keyboard

Sc9bbac674b0c429db848aed9437365b6I - Anime Keyboard

S2901839b12ba49b9acced1f614d19afe7 - Anime Keyboard

S1c7d2887a52b4bc7841cdadbfb5d6835Q - Anime Keyboard

S5b1c48e5be894ae8a363be88093f3f2cl - Anime Keyboard

Scd53bdc4d744459ebc676308cac7de39D - Anime Keyboard

S8246291d98c94b33a8c1eaf57ab717e2K - Anime Keyboard