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Pokemon Japanese Anime Keycaps


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Pokemon Japanese Anime Keycaps

  • Brand Name: DIXSG
  • Operation Style: Mechanical
  • Language: English
  • Type: Wired
  • Application: Number
  • Keyboard Standard: 104 Keys
  • Style: Standard
  • Certification: NONE
  • Interface Type: USB


Material: PBT

Height: XDA Profile

Process: Dye Sublimation

SKU: English version

Quantity: 136 keys, space bar 6.25U

Compatibility: 61/64/68/78/84/87/96/98/104/108-key mechanical keyboard
(Razer/Logitech/Corsair mechanical keyboards are not supported)

Keycap kits are for MX switches only.

Please Notice:

* This product is just a keycap, not a keyboard.

* If you need this product, please feel free to place an order, because we will provide you with excellent after-sales service

S7eb5f8f877ce4bb0a0aa5cab6956f879R - Anime KeyboardSc440e2acabd6478c99d008950536b6c6r - Anime KeyboardS70581cd98dcd45acb9125282ef3ed3b9H - Anime KeyboardS2a8784f72b3c4f70807428de7f28ae85e - Anime KeyboardSfcea925c0fa5443f9bb80d691e4f8da56 - Anime KeyboardS92d1b30164db40dbae4aa1801b3e3e63q - Anime KeyboardS19a6538558e34e62800a7f7c586b34e8o - Anime KeyboardS854c15f4a3ff49b2a60bbb745911462by - Anime KeyboardSa9d247794b9e4ad6a3f69ba699ae28beJ - Anime KeyboardS7f0d579f76954fb0aa4532bb19588ae81 - Anime Keyboard
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