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Ahegao Keyboards 108 Keys OEM Keycaps Japanese Sexy Doujin Mechanical PBT Keyboard



Materials: PBT plastic

3.craft:5-Sided dye sublimation

4.variety of keys:108 Keys,Appropriate With61 87 104 108 design,Japanese Anime Theme Keycaps

6.OEM Profile,OEM peak,Character Cartoon Fairly Lady Keycaps

Appropriate with most Cherry Gateron Kailh Field outemu and all different MX switches mechanical keyboard.

This hyperlink is just the keycaps,no keyboard included.

U5376b3316ed841d6b09f0f7e69dd8836h - Anime KeyboardU14412e1468454c158ec044d0acfebf6dj - Anime KeyboardUd939df7803d6442bbe29b6473038ec04S - Anime KeyboardUf168b1ca95304725b70cb74b7423c5c1B - Anime KeyboardUe414b5c90aef4781a1d1c4ef23b8db5cm - Anime KeyboardUb7aa8333d7e940a59dc1cdc431df9fceA - Anime KeyboardUc9b78ee4f6204effaf20f41f164203e0E - Anime KeyboardU67a8df010fe24bdc9e82a3f949d9812fu - Anime KeyboardUe6dd8a9867c24e88964e61edf42b19d9R - Anime KeyboardUb405f0e588824b89bef51124b8b148f83 - Anime Keyboard