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Demon Slayer Mechanical Keyboard RGB Translucent Keycaps DIY Macro Programming For Anime



Please notice:
1. this product is keycaps solely, it’s not a keyboard!!!!!
2. please present me the mannequin of your keyboard in your order, then I can ship the appropriate keycaps to you.

3. the usual format means ANSI 104 108 keys format. The spacebar is 6.25X

About this product:
1. Prime stage sport coating, designed for avid participant
2. Black gap coating has a contact like woman’s pores and skin, smooth and elastic, overlaying the entire physique of key cap

H02485e4018264e049a0a51e7b4b691b6O - Anime Keyboard
Hde9838af635e4873a1e3f245f1b3a4c0j - Anime Keyboard
H504908984b514d50b3131887d9b4387dK - Anime Keyboard
H4375cce8beaa4d47b51698b75487c149V - Anime Keyboard
H09719b73fa5347a89e0574f02843e3d98 - Anime Keyboard
Hacfcfb2b34a44f0798b863e32859f214I - Anime Keyboard
H1f4704b4555f42bb9d41b3acd80c14cft - Anime Keyboard
Hf40c79e7f6a64c6bacf6bd2c0ba7b507j - Anime Keyboard
Hc041b7d67618414f9b3cc1c85e60e1adD - Anime Keyboard
H70d9aa3fd9454d21965a11bbc7d9c8bdL - Anime Keyboard


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