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One Piece Retro 108 Keycaps PBT Mechanical Keyboard Dye Subbed Cherry High Luffy



Sorts: Cartoon PBT Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

Materials: PBT plastic

5-sided dye sublimation

Amount:108 Keys

Unique Design Keycaps.

One Piece Luffy Custom-made Gamer Participant
Cherry Profile,Cherry peak

Can be utilized for 87-key, 104-key and 108-key keyboards

Appropriate with most Cherry Gateron Kailh Field outemu and all different MX switches mechanical keyboard.


This hyperlink is barely the keycaps,no keyboard included.

H04920dac22b748858c42e2bf5d90d604n - Anime Keyboard

H19a8c84c979a4c5e9aac3b3c2ff6910c0 - Anime Keyboard

S01b66551f8b24143bad9b82fa362267eV - Anime Keyboard

S7d2ecf2a6bc1405e99dc5b6ad397cdefd - Anime Keyboard

S10f6eee92d1846b3b95565d2d738e7e07 - Anime Keyboard

Hdbc7325c31c4401594e2078e9726b850D - Anime Keyboard

H5a805b950ed6485ea3fa3768dab32bf95 - Anime Keyboard

H0e6eaa3beb8d4ca28174d88aa845b1d6u - Anime Keyboard

Sd954465f1f07436b915ad61f804bacf9t - Anime Keyboard

Sda78b29ccdd04003826d9f0080de1b64h - Anime Keyboard

S09a1ce39313c45e49b71715d27baec0dh - Anime Keyboard

Hc2b37bb4e4d04482ba61bf04c35d632fs - Anime Keyboard

- Anime Keyboard